Stop Press! Well, kinda

This blog has pretty inactive for the last few months. Now though, I will stop with the articles on entertainment on current affairs and begin regularly update it once again to correspond with my change in direction: sports. Hence the name change to “Front Rowe Sports” for all the front ‘Rowe’ views on everything in the sporting world. Pure dead brilliant.

I’ll primarily cover football and the NFL (I’ll teach you Brits to like it!) along with Formula 1 and tennis. I’ll touch on the NBA, golf, college football and rugby now and then. But for now you can wait for  my ‘second debut’ article which will go up later this week. ‘Good things come to those who wait’, eh?

Well, no. Good things come to those who go out and fucking work for it!

Adios amigos! (See. I didn’t ‘wait’ for my credit level 1 Spanish grade.)


Ryan Rowe, RR